The Whitinsville Water Company is continually improving it’s water system infrastructure and is very proud of its accomplishments.  In 2016, the company replaced old undersized water mains on Border, A, B, C, and D Streets with new larger water mains to improve fire flows and water quality.  In 2017, the company installed a new redundant water main on Church Street to improve flows into the eastern end of town.  In 2018, the company replaced old undersized water mains on East, Willow, Johnston, Brook, and Briggs Streets to improve fire flows and water quality.  In 2019, the company plans to replace old undersized water mains on Linden and Pine Streets to improve fire flows and water quality.  The company will also be installing a new water main on the upper end of Prospect Street (from 57 Prospect up to the cul-de-sac).  The company continually and cost effectively invests in its infrastructure to ensure that we have the best possible water system to provide the highest level of service possible while still maintaining affordable rates.

The 2019 water main project design has been completed and awarded to the contractor who is Commonwealth Construction & Utilities, Inc.  The engineer overseeing the project is Tighe & Bond.  The contractor plans to start work in early July.  We anticipate a project schedule in the near future which will be posted on our website, so you can see which streets will be worked on during which periods.  The Town of Northbridge requires that all trenches be left with temporary pavement over the winter (to allow settlement) and final paving to be done in the spring.  So once the water main work on Linden, Pine, and Prospect Streets is complete, we will have temporary pavement installed until spring of 2020.  In the spring of 2020 the final pavement will be installed.  Please note, there will be one day where you will have a scheduled water outage while we change over your water service to your house from the old water main to the new water main.  We will notify you of this date when the time approaches.  We may have other minor temporary outages during the project and will make every effort to notify if/when this happens.