This message is from the Whitinsville Water Company.  As we head into the warm part of the year, we would like to remind all water customers with irrigation systems that per State Regulations, watering can only be done between 5pm and 9am.  This is because watering during the day hours can cause excessive evaporation as well as burn damage to the lawn.

Your lawn needs about 1” of water per week to remain healthy.  The best way to water is to set your irrigation system to water about a half inch twice per week.  A typical system will provide a ½” of water in about an hour.   So setting your system to run two days per week for one hour will provide a stronger lawn with deeper roots.  Watering daily with small amounts of water will cause the roots to be shallow and watering daily with too much water will cause disease to the lawn.  Additional information can be found on our website under the conserve tab.

Understanding this, we are asking all water customers with irrigation systems to please water no more than every other day and preferably only twice per week.  Our communities water is a precious resource and we all want to be good stewards of these resources.  Thank you for your time and consideration and if you have any question please feel free to contact our office at 508-234-7358.