The Whitinsville Water Company is continually improving its water system in order to provide you the best water service possible.  In 2008 and 2013, we built new treatment facilities at our sources of supply to provide optimal water treatment.  In more recent years we have been installing new water pipe in areas of the water system to help improve better flows, provide better fire protection, provide better redundancy in the system, and to improve water quality.

In 2022, we will be working on upgrading the existing water pipes on five different streets. The project will consist of the installation of approximately 2,160 linear feet of new water mains on Thurston Avenue, Henry Street, Thomas Avenue, Delray Gardens, and Hillside Drive in Whitinsville.  All of these locations currently have undersized water mains (pipes) and the company will replace these with standard size water mains (pipes) and fire hydrants.  The breakdown of each road is as follows:  Thurston Ave from #22 Thurston to Henry Street (approx. 740’); Henry Street from Thurston to #16 Henry Street (approx. 450’).  Entire length of Thomas Avenue (dead end road – approx. 370’); Entire length of Delray Gardens (approx. 280’); and Hillside Drive from Gary Avenue to end (approx. 320’).

All of these locations have water pipes in the street that are undersized and therefore cannot produce proper fire flows.  As noted above, upgrading to new 8” size pipes will improve the fire flows and water quality in these areas.  All water services to each house from water main in the street to shut off valve located at the edge of the road will be replaced.  Customers will be kept on the existing main until the new water main is installed and then customers will be moved over to the new water main service by service.  New fire hydrants will be installed on these streets.   Customers will be without water for a brief period on one day when the contractor switches that customers house water service from the old water pipe to the new water pipe.  This project is currently in the design phase and we anticipate hiring a contractor in June and starting work in July 2022.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call at 508-234-735 or email us by clicking the contact us button at this website.