Frequently Asked Questions

Billing FAQ’s

Q:  How often are bills sent out?

A:  Customers are billed on a monthly basis.

Q:  What are the water rates?

A:  Our rates are posted on our “Rates” tab located under the “Billing Related” tab.

Q:  How much does the water cost per gallon?

A: It depends on the amount used.  A typical amount used for a house is 2,400 cubic feet per quarter which amounts to just less than one penny per gallon (including the service base charge).

Q:  What is the “Service Base Charge” on the bill?

A: This is the fixed fee portion of the bill and is based on your meter size.  It is set by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities to cover a portion of the utility’s base fixed costs. Fixed costs may include administrative costs, debt service, fire demand costs, meter maintenance/replacement costs, meter reading, billing and other fixed costs the utility must cover regardless of how much water the customer purchases. If a customer uses no water during the billing period, the utility will still have fixed costs for operating and maintaining the utility system. It is a separate charge from the demand charge which is based on customer consumption. This is a standard billing practice for smaller sized water and sewer utilities as it minimizes revenue fluctuations and helps keep the overall rates stable.

Q:  Where is my water meter and who owns it?

A:  The water meter is located on the water service at the point where the water service enters the building.  For a home, this is typically in the basement.  Our company owns and maintains the water meters.  The property owned is responsible to keep the water meter accessible and free from damage, including freezing.  If the meter freezes, the property owner will be responsible to pay for replacement costs.

Q:  What about the pipe from the street into my house?

A:  The property owner is responsible for the water line on their property as well as all plumbing inside their house (with the exception of the meter).

Q:  If I had a leak in my house, can I get an abatement on the water bill?

A:  All water that passes through the meter is the responsibility of the property owner to pay.  Abatements are not allowed.  However, you may be eligible for an abatement of your sewer bill (as the sewer bill is based on water usage).  You will need to contact the Town Sewer Department to determine if you are eligible for this.

Q:  What do I do if I am buying of selling my house?

A:  Please see our property transfer instructions by clicking on the “Property Transfer” sub tab under the “Billing Related” tab.